Our Studio

What We Teach?

“Trends in voice teaching come and go, but some principles and objectives will stand the test of time.” Spencer Welch

At HHVS our main objective is to help you to achieve the sound you want without breaking or restricting the function of your voice. What we do works for every level of singer from beginners to professionals in the music industry.

Our Training

The foundation of what we teach is vocal balance. We believe that this is the key to ensuring success in a singer’s voice.

Vocal balance gives singers the ability to control their voices while singing any style of music. It allows them to sound free and natural. We think a singer should be able to access all dynamic levels in their voice without straining, cracking, or breaking. 

Head Voice Coach of HHVS, Hannah Harris, is a registered IVA Instructor. IVA (Institute For Vocal Advancement), is program dedicated to understanding how the voice works, and how to diagnose and fix problems in any voice.

The four components of our method

Our approach to training voaclists is a wholistic one.  In our aim of producing accomplished vocalists of an exceptional standard we incorporate these 4 elements into our lessons.

To sing is the most wonderful thing in the world. To be able to do it well is another thing. Years of vocal training, practice and experience performing is what creates truly exceptional artists. The good news about this is that anyone can follow their dream of being a great vocal artist. It is not about how much talent you were born with but on how diligently you work  at your craft without giving up.

Hannah Harris

Head Voice Coach, HHVS