Whether you want to learn for your own enjoyment or already sing in front of people professionally or otherwise, then proper vocal training can help you develop your voice enormously. Learn how to sing without straining or sounding to thin and breathy. Know how to navigate from low notes to high notes without experiencing that pesky “flip” or “break”. Be able to sing with power and strength without tiring. 

All of this is possible with good vocal instruction, patience, time and dedication to practice. At HHVS we are here to help you achieve your singing goals whatever they may be.

Singing Lessons for Children

Voice lessons for children boosts confidence and teaches them skills that could launch them on the path to following their dreams, while having a lot of fun.

Singing Lessons For Adults

HHVS teaches singing to a range of different students, from complete beginners, right through to professional vocalists who want to improve on their sound and technique.

Taking Online Voice Lessons

Don’t miss out on your regular lesson just because of self-isolation restrictions! We are conducting all singing lessons, as usual, online via SKYPE or Zoom.

What Method Do We Teach?

At HHVS, we teach singing from the perspective of the singer. We use terminology, concepts and practices that allow our students to find and maintain vocal balance in a manner that is easily attainable.

Our lessons consist of simple cause and effect exercises that are specifically targeted to address the needs of the individual student.

As a result voice students can hear and feel the difference in their own voice almost straight away and can quickly move on to the next level in their technique.